Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How do people do this?

I don't mean blog on a regular basis. *snort* I am trying to be better, though. I really am. No, I'm talking about having long nails. I've been growing out my nails and slowly losing my mind at the same time.Anyway, enough whingeing.

Two coats NYC Persistently Putty stamped with Revlon Copper Penny using Mash plate m44.

 I know this taupey color has been overdone, but I am not sick of it at all. This one leans a bit more purple in real life.


  1. Love the color and the stamp! I wore another NYC taupe last week and loved it too.

  2. Thanks! I know NYC isn't well regarded by most laquerheads, I think it even rates below LA Colors, but I personally love the brand!