Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not Like the Movies, Stamped

Apparently we had an earthquake and now we're getting a hurricane chaser. Not like the movies indeed... Originally I wasn't going to buy this because really, how many bottles of purple green duochromes do I need? But then I saw it on Paillette's blog and I succumbed. Grr! Actually, I'm really glad I got this. I heard there's a dud version of this floating around and luckily this doesn't seem to be it. And the duochrome should keep me entertained for a couple days if the power goes out. Ha!

Three coats OPI Not Like the Movies stamped with OPI Ogre-the-Top Blue. A really good blue polish for stamping, if you were looking for one.

Aww, the winds and rain are starting to pick up and the mailman just pulled up. It's days like these where I feel bad for them. Well, staying dry doesn't seem to be an option, but I hope everyone on the east coast stays safe!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I've Got the Blues - Franken

Actually, I've got the mean reds today but that is neither here nor there.

So, I've got a super duper easy franken to show today. So tempted to call this multichrome, but it's not. It's just neon pigments refuse to be ignored. My application was a bit funny. Everything is three coats except the pointer finger and thumb which are two. Yeah, it took me three fingers to realize two coats was no different than three.

All natural light (shade):

This ridiculously composed picture in sunlight is the only one that came out color accurate so I'm going to pretend this one was intentional. Every time I think my camera skills are improving the universe shows me how wrong I am. Pfft.

"Recipe"/Polish ratio: roughly 4 parts Sinful Love Nails to one part pink neon (I'm using China Glaze Pool Party).

Thoughts: I read in MUA's review section that Love Nails is a duochrome. What?? I've had this languishing in my stash for a while now and I never noticed. And hey, it is! It's a metallic electric blue in one direction and metallic teal in the other. The color shift is very strong but since it's blue to blue-green, I never noticed. So, I added pink because pink + blue = some kind of purple.  Neons always dry fast and have a tendency to chip fast and this did dry fast but I got about three days before there was tip wear. Yay!

That's all the rambling I'll do for now. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this one heh.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stamping + Matte

Hi. I couldn't think of a snappy title.

I stamped over my gradient from yesterday *cough* with Mash plate m60 and Essie Shifting Power. Shifting Power isn't very shiny on its own. Perhaps that's why it isn't a very popular shade. This is with topcoat.

But I thought it was missing something, so I added a coat of Essie Matte About You. Aw, my sad pinkie nubbin.

Still, I didn't want to take this one off. And this is the last of the sad nubbin posts. That is until I screw up filing again haha...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ruby Pumps Gradient

 Hi folks! Long time no see. /sheepish shifty

Yarr, I made a gradient with China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Sinful Black on Black.

natural light:

artificial light:

I really, really love how Ruby Pumps looks under the fluorescent lamp. I just wish the combination of red and black didn't remind me so much of The Twilight Saga...

And I've been playing around with watermarks. Let me know if it's obtrusive or something.