Sunday, July 10, 2011

Orange Pink Franken

Oops, hi. I meant to post this Friday, but I melted instead. /wicked witch of the mid Atlantic
I took these pictures a few months ago, but if I don't post this now I may never post it. haha

All of these were taken in natural light except the second one which was taken in sunlight.

Two coats + topcoat.

Facing the light source:

In the other direction it's pink... Okay, this one didn't photograph well. The pink is all in the shimmer which you can kind of see if you click and enlarge. Anyway, the shimmer doesn't hide in real life.

The rest of the time it's an orangey coral.

This is roughly 45% Sinful Colors' Bali Mist, 45% Sinful Colors' Courtney Orange(a shimmery orange-red), and 10% Wet n Wild Goldmine (gold shimmer).

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