Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sinful Colors - Bali Mist

Sinful Colors - Bali Mist, 3 coats + topcoat.

This looks really purple and green in the bottle but on the nail it's like a metallic/opalescent pink. Actually, for whatever reason, this finish makes me a little bit nauseous lol.

See, purple green bottle. So pretty!

Even in low light the duochrome is weak. Luckily I read the MUA reviews and already knew about this, and I bought this intending to exploit its weakness. More on that tomorrow.

But first, just curiously, I stamped this over yesterday's mani. Subtle, but I like it.

*Blogger flipped my photos so they aren't all horizontal. I'm finding this rather disorienting. Anyone know how to fix it?

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