Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Frankens: Various Shades of Success

First of all, sorry for the dryness. I ran out of Burt's Bees cuticle balm and regular hand lotion is not cutting it. I don't know why that is but I ordered more (apparently it's coming by donkey...).

This first franken was just a random mix of what I had nearby. Note to self: since you're worried about smearing, get out your supplies before you apply basecoat. This is NYC Manhattan, Art Deco Gold Glitter (smells terrible), and some cheapo copper body shimmer that I think I picked up from the dollar store. I say cheapo because even though I added three drops of nail polish thinner it seized up like overheated chocolate, probably due to cheap fillers. I ended up adding a lot more thinner. The final product was one-third polish thinner! This is three coats. I love how much depth and visible glitter there is, even in the shade.

Natural light:

Under the lamp:
I'm not loving the stamping. I think it covers up too much of the natural beauty. Ah well. Stamp color is Essie Shifting Power.

Then I had the "brilliant" idea to use the body shimmer for a Piu Mosso copycat. I mixed NYC West Village with some of the copper body shimmer and added more thinner. I added too much thinner this time and had some cuticle pooling. Oops! I gave it another stir to encourage some evaporation. But the real problem is that the shimmer shows up as silver. Where did the color go?? I don't know if this would have looked better under sunlight. We haven't had any in about a month. Or maybe West Village is too pigmented and I should have added clear.

Three coats, natural light:

Under the lamp.

I'm inspired to keep playing with this particular experiment. Now I just need some sunlight, and maybe some red eyeshadow? Hm.

I added a layer of OPI I Lily Love You which soothed over hurt feelings. Ha!

Till next time, happy polishing.

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