Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mock Creme de Menthe / Evolution of a Franken

Attempt #1

Random franken tip: When trying something new, don't plan to franken more than two-thirds of a bottle full. Leave room for mistakes! :P

This was 60% Revlon Beach with 35% white and 5% Sinful San Francisco.


I badly misjudged how little white I would need. Even in sunlight there isn't a lot of yellow shimmer... And my bottle is full. Argh! So I dumped some of the franken out onto my palette and added more Beach.

This is roughly 80% Beach, 15% white and 5% San Francisco.


Sunlight: Oops, not quite as neon in real life.

Creme de Menthe has been described as a mint green but the swatches I see online are a lot darker then what I would call mint and I've never seen this in person. Hmmm. I think I will have to try adding a little more San Francisco.

To be continued. Eeep.

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