Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rapture Resistent

Hey! Guess who's done with finals! \o/

Oi, okay. I've been procrastinating.

The lovely and mischievous Kris from My Lucid Bubble sent me this. Thank you, Kris!

It's Beach from Revlon and it's scented! Three coats plus topcoat.

I thought it was chartreuse but actually, in most lights it's a cheery metallic yellow.

Technically it's still chartreuse, but it leans much more yellow than I thought.

I had some bubbling issues, but it was so hot and humid, and I shouldn't have been painting my nails near a fan. The formula was surprisingly nice and dried fast. So, how does it smell? Strongly like suntan lotion. Not great... And I am some kind of masochist, because I kept sniffing my fingers every five minutes!

Kris also sent me Not So Blueberry. Which I will swatch and also post my franken attempt, as soon as I figure out how to configure my camera so it can take pictures of purples.

Oh yeah. Monkey asked me to put a GFC option on my blog. Where are my surprised eyebrows? Anyway, I did. :P

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