Monday, August 1, 2011

Ruby Pumps Gradient

 Hi folks! Long time no see. /sheepish shifty

Yarr, I made a gradient with China Glaze Ruby Pumps and Sinful Black on Black.

natural light:

artificial light:

I really, really love how Ruby Pumps looks under the fluorescent lamp. I just wish the combination of red and black didn't remind me so much of The Twilight Saga...

And I've been playing around with watermarks. Let me know if it's obtrusive or something.


  1. Such nice combination of colours!

  2. Yarrrr, you did a fantastic job, love it! And don't sweat the watermarks -- the images are the first things stolen off of sites like this (especially for bozos looking to clone your site), you're smart to protect it.

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments, y'all!

  4. Gradient is beautiful you did a great job! you picked the perfect colors for this!