Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stamping + Matte

Hi. I couldn't think of a snappy title.

I stamped over my gradient from yesterday *cough* with Mash plate m60 and Essie Shifting Power. Shifting Power isn't very shiny on its own. Perhaps that's why it isn't a very popular shade. This is with topcoat.

But I thought it was missing something, so I added a coat of Essie Matte About You. Aw, my sad pinkie nubbin.

Still, I didn't want to take this one off. And this is the last of the sad nubbin posts. That is until I screw up filing again haha...


  1. hi! dropping by to tell you about my knock off spin pins that you were interested in on my blog!
    i've tested them out a few times and they seem a bit shorter than the goody ones but they work fantastically!

  2. OMG your nails are awesome!!! I love the matte finish!!!!