Sunday, October 9, 2011

OPI Grape Set Match

OPI Grape Set Match (I'm going to ignore the ellipses) from one of the England Glam Slam sets. I love this color! I took a hundred pictures but I'm not loving any of them. Bugger. But at different angles it's violet, purple, or blue. This is going into the top 20 of the year! and I'm sorta bummed more people aren't talking about it. A consequence of an oversaturated market.
Three coats plus topcoat. Under the lamp:


GSM comes with a holo topcoat but I don't really like the combination. It just looks too busy. But I decided to play right before taking off the polish. Pointer and middle are one layer of Servin' Up Sparkle, ring and pinkie are one layer LA Colors Sparkling Diamonds.

And I'm almost, almost caught up on email and everything else. Almost.

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