Sunday, November 13, 2011

Petites Black Diamond, Wet & Wild Femme Fatale and Stamping

This is Wet & Wild Femme Fatale with Petites Black Diamond as accent. These are two polishes I put in my swap/donate pile, but thought I should be thorough and try them again.

Black Diamond is more holo in real life. Probably still not as holo as the good version of CC Revvvolution, but I don't have that polish to compare.

I stamped with plate m64 and reversed colors.

Taking these out of the swap pile because they're pretty good for stamping. The only problem is Black Diamond ignited for me a huge lemming for Revvvolution. D'oh!


  1. Beautiful!!! I did not know the petites black holo was god for stamping. I must try it.. love these polishes together

  2. oh Black Diamond over pink looks amazing. When you get Revvvolution ... you. will. fall. over!