Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simple Silver and White Paisley

Whoa, sorry to disappear. I was overwhelmed with exams and a cold, something had to give. But enough excuses. This is LA Colors Live stamped with Konad Special White and plate m64. So many people say the Konad polishes are the easiest to stamp with, but I don't really agree. I had to redo this manicure because of smearing, but even when I was careful and light-handed with topcoat the design smeared a little. Bah!

In hindsight, it wasn't a great idea to try to post every day in November. But my picture stash is about three-fourths organized now. That's something. Yay! And exams are done for now, except I still have one project due time-stamp 11:59 PM Friday. Boo! So, back early next week. Happy Thanksgiving, Usians!